Welcome to our seminary website. We hope that your visit will enable you to come to know us, share our love and friendship, and participate in our mission. 

St. Charles Seminary has a long history of over 150 years. The Dominicans have been taking care of the Seminary since the last 53 years. The Seminary has formed over two thousand priests and ten bishops. As we thank the Lord for his mercies in the past; we hope and pray that He continues to bless us and guide us in our very challenging mission. Presently we have  229 seminarians from over 40 dioceses of India and from 10 religious congregations.

Our world has made an enormous progress in technology and communication. At the same time we live in a highly individualistic and selfish world. Perhaps modern technology has helped very little to break the walls of enmity, hatred and division. The fault is not with the technology but with the way we make use of it. The means of communication cannot replace God and spiritual values. Jesus Christ is the greatest communicator. He came to communicate God's unconditional love and forgiveness to us. By his death and resurrection he has freed us from the bondage of sin and death. He has chosen us to continue his mission and be his presence in the world. Let this principle be our guide in the use of technology. Let us not be enslaved by technology and means of communication. On the other hand, let us make use of all the modern means of communication to spread the Gospel and to create a community of love. 

A seminary is a seed-bed of priestly vocation. Today priestly life has come under serious criticism. But one needs to realize that the priesthood itself is valued with utmost reverence in our society. It is the priesthood which makes the sacramental presence of Jesus in the world. Failiures on the part of some individual priests do not undermine the sanctity of the institution of the priesthood itself. The present crisis in clerical life is an opportunity to re-examine our way of life and formation; and to re-dedicate ourselves to the mission and ministry of carrying the compassion of Jesus Christ to the millions of our mother land who are thirsting for hope in life and trying to find meaning for their existence. May our institution under the guidence of the Holy Spirit, succeed in this goal of brining light and hope into the hearts of our brothers and sisters entrusted to our pastoral care.

May God bless you!

Fr. Paulson Deepak OP.