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Greetings! St. Charles’ Seminary has been conducting a residential philosophy course more than twenty years during the summer months (April - May) for Religious sisters and others, including lay people, who intend to study theology in the Major Seminaries in India. Such a basic philosophy course is a necessary requirement to obtain admission to theology course offered by seminaries in India. We started this course as a very small venture to prepare sisters who were intending to pursue theological studies in St. Charles Seminary. However, soon other Seminaries and Theological Institutes asked us to accommodate their students who were going on for theological studies in this course. Our summer course in philosophy is recognized as a good philosophical foundation for studies in theology by many seminaries in India such as: Vidyajyothi, New Delhi; St. Paul Seminary, Triuchirappalli (Tamil Nadu); St. Peters’ Pontifical Seminary, Bangalore; Kristu Jyoti, Bangalore; Sacred Heart theological College Shillong.

The Summer Philosophy Course is of two months duration and is held each year in the months of April and May. As Nagpur has blistering temperatures in the summer which could go beyond 45 degrees Celsius, it has not been possible for us to hold the course in our premises. We have to choose a place with a cooler climate and this year it is organised in Bangalore. With a six-day week and five lectures a day, we average about 200 lectures during these two months. In this course we teach all the essential elements of the disciplines of Traditional Philosophy. We also devote some lectures to Indian Philosophy and a good many lectures to the history of Western Philosophy from ancient up to contemporary. Since this is an intensive and residential course we admit only 40 candidates and preference is given to those who apply with the registration fees, before 31st of January 2010. This is a demanding course. Attendance at all the classes is a must. No student will be allowed to take any break during the course.

Course :
All the Basic Elements of Traditional Philosophy, History of Western Philosophy and Indian Philosophy. A Course description is enclosed.

For Whom :
Sisters and lay persons desiring to study Theology or who are already studying first year Theology.

By Whom :
St. Charles Seminary, Nagpur. The Dean of the Department of Philosophy is the Director of the Course.

When :
From 1st April to 2010 to 30th of May 2010.

All correspondence with regard to the Philosophy course to be addressed to:

Fr. Praveen D'Souza, OP
St. Charles Seminary
Seminary Hill
Nagpur-440006, M.S.

Ph. 0712-2511353/ 2510154
Mobile 09422145489

E-mail :

The Courses offered during the Summer Philosophy Course

Introduction to Philosophy (1 credit)

Etymology, Definition, Branches of Philosophy, Speculative and Practical Philosophy, Approaches to Philosophy and The Scholastic Method.

Philosophical Anthropology (2 credits )

Introduction; What is Life?, The Soul; Degrees of Life: Vegetative Life; Sensitive Life; Intellectual Life, Sense Appetite; Intellectual Appetite, The Human Soul, The Human Person from Anthropological Perspective.

Philosophy of Cosmos and Philosophy of Science (2 credits)

Theories of the structure of the bodies are introduced using philosophical and scientific terminology. The substantial and accidental levels of bodies are dealt in detail. The concept of place, space, and motion are introduced in philosophical and scientific category.

Logic (3 credits)

Introduction. The Three Acts of the Mind, Division of Logic, Terms, Concepts, Universals, Real and Rational Distinctions, Predicables and Predicaments. Metaphysical Grades, Analogy and Demonstration. Traditional Logic or Aristotelian Logic and the Theories of Category. Laws of Thought, Laws of valid Conversions. Rules, Moods and Figures of Syllogism, Fallacies. Logical Foundations of Induction.

History of Philosophy (4 credits)

Introduction, Pre-Socratic Philosophers: The Ionians: Thales, Anaximandes. The Pythagoreans, Heraclitus. The Eleatic Philosophers: Parmenedes, Zeno. The Atomists: Empodocles, Anaxagoras, Democritus. The Sophists. The Golden Age: Athens: Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. Hellenism: the Cynics, the Epicurians, the Stoics, Neo-Platonism, Philo of Alexandria, St. Augustine, Boethius, the Carolingian Renaissance. John Scotus, Eriugena, St. Anselm of Canterbury, St. Albert the Great, St. Bonaventure, St. Thomas Aquinas, John Duns Scotus, William of Ockham.Rationalism: Descartes, Spinoza, Leibnits. Empiricism: David Hume.Immanuel Kant; Arthur Schopenhauer. Positivism: Auguste Comte. German Idealism: Hegel. Marxism Neo-Positivism, Linguistic Philosophy ,Vienna Circle; Pragmatism

Existentialism and Phenomenology: Kierkegard, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Marcel, Sartre, Husserl.

Metaphysics and Epistemology (4 credits)

Introduction. The term ‘Being’. The properties of Being. Distinctions. Potency and Act, essence and Existence, Substance and Accidents, Causes/Causality, Activity and Operative potency in Contingent Beings. Modern and Contemporary understanding of Philosophy of Being. Philosophical and Theological notions of God. Theism and Atheism. Terminology. Rationalism. Existence of God. Demonstration of the existence of God. ‘The Five ways’ of St. Thomas. Philosophy of Knowledge as defensive part of Metaphysics; Truth and its causes; Validity of Knowledge (its ontological value); Certainty and Doubt, Theories of knowledge.

Indian Philosophy (4 credits)

The origin and the development of the Indian Culture, Religion and Philosophy. the special aspect of Indian Philosophy characterised as ‘darshana’. Philosophical schools both Astika, Nastika, Sruti, Smriti and Dharmasastra literature. Polytheism, Henotheism, Monotheism and finally towards Idealistic Monism. Upanishadic Absolute (Brahman-Atman) as well as the Acara Mimamsa of the Upanishadic rishis. Lokayata darshan, Bauddha darshana and the Jaina darshana. Yoga and Purva Mimamsa systems. Samkhya thought, Yoga Philosophy and Yoga Ethics.

NB. One credit consists of 12 classes of one-hour duration.

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