The St.Charlers seminary library, houses more than 30,000 volumes of books and 3063 Volumes of periodicals. The library currently subscribes to more than 288 periodicals; of these 150 are Indian and 78 Foreign. The ground floor of the library is divided into two sections. One section house the library books the second half is used to house the periodicals from the 1991 onwards. This section also houses certain reference books. There is convenient seating attunement for individual students to sit and to do their private studies. Each has light and fan facility. The sections where the library books are kept are out of bounds for others except the librarians. The library is computerized and the students have access to four computers to browse for the books that they require. The requirements are noted down on a library slip, giving the following details :

 1. The Name of the Student
 2. The Library Card Number
 3. Date
 4. The Title of the Book
 5. Book Number
 6. Classification Number

These slips are handed over to the librarian.

The students from 1st year Philosophy to 4th theology can borrow only three books at a time for a period of two weeks .The students are allowed to borrow ten books for a periods of one month. The administrative staff and professors can borrow unlimited number of books, for an unlimited period of time.

The books kept in the reference section are for reference only and are not issued to the students. The articles in the periodicals can be accessed through the computers. The mezzanine houses the periodicals before 1990.

The working hours of the library :

Monday- Friday : 8:00am- 12:00 pm And 3:00pm-4:00pm
Saturday and free days : 9:00am To 12:00pm

Sunday closed

The reference section of the library is kept open for students :

Monday To Friday : Between 6:00 pm -7:45pm & 9:00pm -10:30pm
Saturday, Sunday and Free days closed.
The seminary closes around 1st of April, therefore library too is closed.

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