Pushpa Hindi Samiti

Pushpa Hindi samiti is an association of St.Charles seminary founded on 1st of oct 1968 by Rev.Bro.Rock D’costa and by some other students , who were passionately in love with Hindi language and who appreciated the rich and ancient literature if the same . This association includes both the brothers from Hindi speaking and non Hindi speaking belts. At the initial stage many brothers rendered their helping hand to bro, Rock to make this association a vibrant one. it is because of the hard work of the founder and the committee members of inception that puspa is still functioning efficiently.

For every academic year new office bearers are elected fir the smooth running and ongoing of the association .The specialty of this association is that, it provides opportunities for both, Hindi speaking and non Hindi speaking students to excel Hindi. It is not a registered association therefore is confined to St. Charles and only the resident students are its members.

St.Teresa of child Jesus is the patroness of this association .it organizes diverse competitions such as quiz, dance, singing, skit, advertisement, fashion show, and so on. Every year on 30th, on the eve of its patroness feast.

Functions of the association :

In the beginning Pushpa used to conduct ordinary meeting only once a month but with the passage of time ,realizing the importance of learning Hindi ,it started to call for ordinary meeting twice a month .The purpose is to provide platforms for the students to master over the language and become effecting communicators . Student are also given ample opportunities to come on the stage3 with their views in a form of speech , extempore and debate ,consequently it pause way to red of stage fear.

Pushpa has been influenced with the work of Rev.Fr.Camil Bulk One of the greatest Hindi scholars of foreign origin. His contribution to Hindi literature is creditable especially his completion as to bring the Hindi lovers to enfold .Though it was successful I the initial stage, later on this had to be abandoned for unfortunate reason.

Aims and objects of the association :

Pushpa strives to achieve the following objects :-

a) To make Hindi language richer
b) To meet all people through the medium of Hindi language
c) Enhancement of Hindi language through divers method and competitions
d) To communicate the word of God through Hindi language.

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