Carolian Theological Forum (CTF)

The Carolian Theological forum is an association of brothers who wish to keep abreast of present day theological development and discussions that are taking place within the church and the world at large.

According to the oral tradition a group of interested theologians formed Carolian theological forum in the early 1970’s. For many years it functioned in an informal way. The 19th December 2000 was a red-letter day in the history of Carolian theological forum. On this day eleven in enthusiastic students of theology rowed to revive and renew this organization under the guidance of Rev.Fr.Peter Lobo .Hence this forum touch a deep root in the seminary. After the forum had passed through the initial stages of development a constitution was formulated to regulate its functioning.

Name : - The Organization is known as Carolian Theological Forum (CTF) and the term ‘Carolian’ denotes the resident student of theology of St.Charles seminary.

Objectives :- 1. To keeps abreast of present day theological developments and discussions within the
                        church and the world at large.
                    2. To offer\spend time and energy in all possible ways to the church and to the whole
                        of human family.

Membership :- Any resident student of theology is eligible to become a member by the free choice.

Patron and his function :- The patron of CTF is the rector of St.Charles seminary.

Director :- Any professor of the faculty of theology can be appointed by the Rector and the staff.

Office Bearers :- The President, Secretary, Treasurer and the members of finance commission.

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