The Rector is the overall administrator of the Seminary. He is assisted in his administration by the Vice-Rector and the resident Staff members. The Rector and his council meet periodically to deliberate on urgent matters concerning the welfare of the Seminary. Also the Rector and the resident Seminary Staff meet at frequent intervals to discuss evaluate and decide upon various matters pertaining to the good of the seminary and the students as a whole. The Students Council, under the leadership of its President, who is a resident Staff member, meets periodically to consider the academic needs of the seminarians as well as other matters pertaining to the well-being of the seminary. Each class is guided by a priest-animator who is a member of the resident Staff. He meets his students regularly and assists and guides them in their seminary life.

Every seminarian is invited to follow Christ and to model his life on that of his Master. He is to imitate the virtues of Christ, the Good Shepherd. He is to integrate the human, spiritual, academic and pastoral dimensions of his life, so as to form himself into a man of God who has unshakeable faith, unswerving hope, unbounded love and undying courage; a man of intense prayer who has had a deep God-experience; a man of penetrating vision and keen intellect who can see farther and discern God s plan in a given situation; a man of firm conviction and solid commitment who is willing to serve the varied needs of mission and evangelization; a man with the heart of Christ who is ready to risk himself for others in order to build up brotherhood and community.

Each seminarian is primarily responsible for his own formation. But he is assisted and guided by his Rector, priest-animator, spiritual director, prefect and sub-prefect, and the other members of the Staff.

The seminary has both resident and non-resident students. The diocesan students reside in the Seminary, while the students from many of the Institutes of Consecrated Life, such as the Dominicans, Poor Servants of Divine Providence (P.S.D.P.), Norbertines and Camillians reside in their respective formation houses.

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